Oh For Fuck's Sake!

A week ago I spent 18 hours trying to cope with a cluster-fuck of records. Mostly grant-related reimbursements.

"They’ll be fine," I said, "unless they get audited by a federal granting agency in the next month or so."

Well guess what just fucking happened.


Guys.  Guys, seriously.

I’m going to go see Everclear, Soul Asylum, and Eve 6 in concert tomorrow.

14 year old me is jumping up and down and squealing in excitement

30 year old me is a little ashamed of herself.


To those of you in academia:

Is everyone married to everyone else (professors & administrators) or is that just my school? 

Wearing the hair down today.

Wearing the hair down today.



I just want a sugar daddy but instead of it being a rich older man, I want it to be Gillian Anderson

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Who’s a good pony?


Got stung by a yellow jacket out at the barn. That’s the side of my torso with my hand for size-reference. The red has gone away, thanks benedryl, and this is the resulting welt.


I just had my ass humped through 3 songs at a Tori Amos concert by a drunk 21 year old girl. If that isn’t Peak Lesbian I don’t know what is.

You wish you had these seats for Tori Amos.

You wish you had these seats for Tori Amos.


I have to read, evaluate, rate, and summarize these 9 proposals by the 28th (they’re printed double-sided, FYI). So to make myself feel better I dug this map with hand-drawn notations of the flight lines for the aerial survey from 1973 and accompanying photographs from a glacier in Greenland and hung it on my office wall to make myself feel better.


Going to Tori Amos in just a few hours!


After working almost 17 hours (not even meal breaks) straight yesterday, I’m taking a well deserved day off.


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